Tuesday, January 6

Bonne Annee and TWD!

I was so excited to find out the recipe for this week was chosen by Dorie herself! (I'm sure most of us were, really who wouldn't be?) What I found to be ironic is that I immediately realized how the pears were intended to be sliced but yet had some confusion about the almond cream. In my mind's eye it was supposed to be fluffy and smooth, but mine felt like I was spreading soft cream cheese. Next time I will probably process my almonds a little finer; in heeding the advice about not making nut butter I might have stopped grinding them a little early. The dough was delicious. I only had an 11' tart pan but I just pressed the dough out as well as I could and it worked out great. No cracks and no appreciable shrinking.

It's pretty funny that the standard ingredient for this in France is canned pears, but after poaching mine and trying a slice or two, the texture is way similar so I can see why that is the case.

Getting ready to go in the oven:

Here's my baked tart:

If Dorie herself happens to stop by here, I just want to say thank you thank you for providing such great recipes! I've always been a confident baker but the regularity of TWD (thanks Laurie et al) has just made it all the better. I'm a much cleaner baker too now, which probably makes other people more happy that it does me haha. Stop by the blogroll to see how everyone else's tarts turned out!


chocolatechic said...

Stunning looking tart.

vibi said...

As soon as I got on your blog and checked your pear tart, I thought to myself "stunning"!!! ...then I go to post my comment, and I see that Chocolatechic has thought just the same thing (great minds think alike, you know!!! LOL) ...so I'll try to be a tad more original, less copycat... and say "marvelous", Megan! BRAVO!

vibi said...

Oh! My... I might have a great mind, but it is often very absent... LOL LOL LOL

A very happy New Year to you too! ...many reasons to laugh and smile in 2009!

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