Thursday, January 26

Fluffy Goodness

In light of the fact that I'm still waiting on Rafael Nadal to show up in his match against RFed tonight, I've been plotting a return to some Dorie recipes before the new TWD begins in February. First up I think I'll do the marshmallows. I missed them the first go-round and what hot chocolate or mocha isn't improved by a homemade marshmallow? Results should be up soon. On one of her NPR appearances, Dorie shared the basic recipe here.

Photo credit Alan Richardson

Tuesday, January 17

Good To See You Again

Here we go! I'm reactivating the old blog, brushing the dust and cobwebs off in advance of the new Tuesdays With Dorie Baking With Julia adventure. I have been reading blogs the whole time, obviously, but it's going to take some getting used to with all the changes that have happened along the way. My last post was May 26, 2009. This shit's complicated now, yo!