Thursday, June 22

Well it's been a while. I had two fun weekends in the Thrill, got to see josh, jacob (aka boberry biscuit starting gun), and patrick AND got to stay in la casa rosa of Ben Folds fame. Good times...oh and i christened B-ski's just so you know. Work is still OK, but the guy i'm helping and i have been having some weirrrrrd I currently know more about his and his WIFE's sex life than I could ever want to. however, one day he made a brokeback joke and we launched off into a discussion about homosexuality, which I think he feels threatened by. In the end though, he said that I had put my arguments in a way that no one else had and that it had actually made a difference in how he sees gay people, so i was pretty happy about that. (deucie, I kept using examples from your stories haha). Also yesterday i lifted a huge roll of vinyl flooring into a dumpster all by myself BALLER STYLE and impressed everyone (all 2 of us). whateva.

Now - the elephant in the room. In approximately 32 hours I will be on my way to Maine for three weeks. I'm really excited but i still have no idea what I'm getting myself into. I have always been up to whatever challenges are before me, but this is such a big unknown. It's going to be really cool to meet these people and see where they come from and who they are...I imagine we'll be quite close after even a few days.

Copa de Mundial FIFA 2006 has been fun to watch, and it sucks that the US lost today...but that people are finally starting to care about it is good. Also, congrats are in order to the UNC baseball team which is playing Saturday for the CWS add that in to the sports I will be missing out on. (NBA draft, end of the World Cup, sad). Someone should leave me messages telling me the important results of said events, k? lovely.

aaand for some laughs
more pics on that page...this is pierce bush, Dubya's nephew at UTSomewhere