Saturday, May 27

tweedle dee

End work week #1. Waking up today wasn't as bad as the others this week, so i guess i'm adjusting to the lovely call of my alarm clock at 6:20 AM. I swear this has made me revert back to kindergarten where i took a nap every day because i've fallen asleep at some inopportune times this week. today both my dad and i were passed out for like 2 hours until about 7...that's not normal haha. monday off and that'll be good. also with the whole napping thing, i'm not having time to run as much as i need to (read: hardly ever) so i'm getting kind of worried that i'll be in crap shape for outward bound.

uhh no one is in greensboro. this is why it's friday night and i'm posting. sweet. i also am just lazy and don't call people/don't have their numbers from when i lost my phone. SO if you read this and are in the boro give me a call winkwinknudgenudge. on the other hand, my sudoku times are getting better....maybe non-socialness is good for something.

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