Wednesday, May 31

is this life after college? the real world?

Dear God no...

honeybabe933: i have you's 9:30 and, because i have nothing else to do, i am about to go to be. jesus christ, this must be what real life is like :(
MMhorsE186: yeah that's what has been crossing my mind
MMhorsE186: will i work 9-5 and be tired and boring and not do anything all week and then still have to get up early on the weekends because i have things to accomplish that can't be done during the week because of a J-O-B
honeybabe933: god this is gonna suck
honeybabe933: and the one night you do squeeze in to go out, you feel like crap the next day and take a week to recover
honeybabe933: growing up blows
MMhorsE186: and the sad thing is that you'll probably have had like 3 beers

getting up at 6:20 in the morning is becoming scarily easy, even if i don't go to sleep until 1. and working for 9 hours doesn't even seem so long. first paycheck this friday! whee (i think of rollercoasters/slides every time i say that). now the problem will be SAVING this money instead of spending it on the numerous things i found online tonight...

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