Tuesday, March 20

TWD: BWJ - Irish Soda Bread

Super simple recipe. Thank god. This really reminded me of just making a big biscuit or a scone, which if you are comparing ingredients, really all that's missing is butter or shortening. I may not have kneaded mine quite long enough but it never really got to the point where I could make a "disk" so into the pan it went.  

I chose to put raisins in mine, which I now regret, haha. I think it just kind of mars the nice taste and texture of the soda bread by itself. Fresh out of the oven, without even any butter, it was really quite good. I heard my mom mention something about soda bread french toast the other day; that might be how the rest of this loaf gets used up.

On a happy note, I made it to the bottom of my flour container! Wooo! Re-upped with some White Lily this time. For the recipes you can check out Cathy or Carla's sites and the main TWD site for the rest of the posters. Until next time!


Forgot to mention this earlier but I actually used fat free buttermilk (store only had a big jug of regular or the right size of fat free, so I went with that). From the taste/texture, it really wasn't affected by the lack of fat.


Saira said...

Your Bread looks Lovely ... !!! Great job !!!! I never thought baking a bread can get that easy !!!

Julia said...

Your bread looks great!

Teresa said...

Nice job. I prefer mine plain, too. Soda bread French toast sounds fabulous.

Cher Rockwell said...

Very nice - I don't think this one could have been ANY easier!