Tuesday, May 5

TWD - Tiramisu Cake

This week's choice was great and when I ate some this evening after getting off work, it definitely lived up to its name as a pick me up. Good call Megan (I'm Megan too!) on your choice.

I finally broke down this week and got some 6" cake pans so that I can make mini cakes and not feel so guilty about having a huge (full size) cake sitting around. The recipe was easy to halve and I just ended up using 2 eggs for it, as well as just using cream cheese for the mascarpone. I probably let my cakes stay in the oven for the recommended baking time because although they tested done a few minutes earlier they were still very pale looking instead of golden.

In general the cake was very easy to put together. Yes there were several steps to assemble all the components, but nothing was that difficult. What I did have an issue with was trying to whip "light cream" to stiff peaks. That was a no go and I had to dash out to the store to get more cream before I had to run to the airport. That being said, it all came together well and I put it in the fridge before heading to work.

On tasting the cake, I wish I had added more of the espresso syrup to the cake layers. You can taste the flavor well, but I just wish there was more! This cake definitely gets the seal of approval from my family.

The recipe can be found on Megan's blog at My Baking Adventures.


Tracey said...

Glad it was a hit! It looks fabulous!

Clivia said...

I think we all agree to double the syrup next time. Your cake looks delicious!

Kayte said...

I love the idea of getting some six inch pans...I think you are very smart to figure all this out and share it with us! Your cake looks so elegant and lovely...wonderful job baking that, etc.

Megan said...

Hey Megan! Good call on the 6" pans - that's exactly what I used!

(see, great minds think alike!)

Glad you liked this - I thought it was great too!

TeaLady said...

Cake looks delicious. Great job.

Whether my whipped cream turns out depends on what tool I use. Magic bullet - NOT!!! Hand boat motor - YAY!!!!

I like to make minis, too. I need some small pans.