Monday, May 22

long time no see

well today is my last day of freedom as i start working with a crew of my dad's tomorrow morning AT 7AM!! that part is scary to say the least. i usually don't see 7AM unless i've stayed up all night. oh well, at least the pay will be decent and it could potentially be an all-summer job.
this weekend was funnnn. went down on friday with hannah and magen to waxhaw to see kat (and we survived the trip haha) and christina and deucie came for the night also. YAY barbara! that was probably the most uncomfortable night's sleep i'd had in a long time. saturday was carowinds wheee. we only got to ride things once because it was ridiculously crowded but being on the front row of the borg made up for it. no thunder road or the hurler because it started to rain :( that night we went to get pizza and i was so tired it took me probably 5 minutes to order off a 2 page menu. very sad. we watched very bad "tv" that night and there were no penii! next morning we went to cedar lake to see kat's ponies and it made me miss riding i will be going for a return visit to ride one of them yay. hannah so graciously gave me the front seat on the ride home, but i lived because i could close my eyes behind my sunglasses. i figure it's just easier that way. ignorance is bliss.

A Few Ruminations:
Why is this a bad thing?
Who decided that it is a bad thing for girls to not like science and math? Answer me that. I mean in high school i took the required science courses but no more for several reasons. first of all, the AP bio and chem had a crap ton more work and required some calculus i think - i didn't really look into it because i had not taken calc and didn't have the time to spare for a class like that when i don't really like the classes all that much. Then there was calculus. for someone who passed Honors Advanced with a C, calculus was not the best option. my brain doesn't think that way. I was much more interested in history and english, explaining why i came to college practically with a history minor already. If a girl wants to study science and math (which i hate with a passion), it shouldn't be because someone wants her to one day even out the gender ratio in math and science fields. It's stupid to make such a big deal about how girls won't use themselves to their fullest potential if they don't have math or science skills. The whole global competitiveness shit is also taking it too far. If we have the people to compete, who cares if it's a guy or a girl coming up with innovations in his or her field.

This is just cool
The last chromosome is mapped. Kinda's the most distinct/large chromosome in the whole batch, so that's why it took them 10 years to finish it. imagine that. 10 years to map out something that is so miniscule...there is such a huge amount of information stored in there.

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