Friday, May 12

here goes nothin'

well. it's 2:40 am on the third day of summer break and i needed something to make my life a little less boring. sweet, now i'm a blogger. maybe this makes me a little less of a waste of space? maybe? anyway i'm reading the latest of robert jordan's wheel of time books, knife of dreams, and it's odd because i kind of forgot a lot of the details from the prior 9 books, but it's still good. that's about the only academic thing i've done since i've been home. 2 loads of laundry done, only about half the rest of my stuff unpacked....the padre is getting irritated about that but when is he not irritated about something i do?
tried to go running today and made it over to the office, which was all of maybe a 10 minute run. i hate running outside. let me reiterate that. i hate running outside. what is outward bound? running outside....yeahhh i'm trying to get used to it so i won't make an ass of myself when i'm in maine.

tenative plans for carowinds with the roomie, kat, and deuce for next weekend which should be fun. maybe we'll see mr. sketch guarding the lives of those nubile recently-graduated swimmers. or not...

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh the sketch level just increases tenfold once you walk into that park. It's like his homeland.

Oh, and I'm super excited you have one of these. I can now stalk you. :)